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Our group of five people built an Android application that allowed users to notify other users where events were happening. Anyone could post a message describing the event and a pin would show up on the map letting people know an event was happening.

We used the Google Maps JavaScript API.

This was the splash page.

This was the page that would show up when first logging into the app. It would show a view of the map near where the user is currently.

We also let the user zoom out completely to see events around the world.

Clicking on the bright pink plus button lets the user add an event. Here, when the user clicks the button, the latitude and longitude coordinates are automatically prefilled.

The user can then add an event title and a description of the event.

Once the user hits send, the event will appear on the map.

Users can also click on a specific event and comment on it.

We also have an event feed so that users can see all the events happening. This shows up when the user clicks on the pink star button.

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