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graduation issue 2016

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Worked with a group of three people, including myself, that developed a webpage that would host articles for the graduation issue for the Daily Bruin in the 2015-2016 school year. Graduation issue is the last issue of the year where the Daily Bruin publishes articles and multimedia projects that summarize the school year.

There were 50+ articles for this issue and we wanted to display the main image associated with the article, the title, and a tagline to entice readers to click on each article to read. To do this, we set up an Excel spreadsheet with columns to hold the main image, title, and tagline associated with each article. We then pulled the data and displayed it on the page using HandlebarsJS.

For our aesthetic, we decided to copy the UCLA page that students use to manage classes called myUCLA. It has a distinct look that any UCLA student would recognize and fit the theme of the issue, which was ourUCLA. Thus, the login animation at the beginning is to simulate logging into the page. The typing animation used was done with TypedJS.

To render all the images, titles, and taglines, we used Magnific Popup and IsotopeJS.

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