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emmy mania

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This is an online hub of articles that the Daily Bruin wrote covering select UCLA alumni that were nominated for the Emmy Awards in 2016. Each article was released within a week of each other as part of an article series.

For this project, I decided to make a curtain that would separate when clicked on to simulate the curtains that are usually associated with award ceremonies. I did this by using CSS and JavaScript, where an on click event would move the curtains aside. Shading of the curtains was also done in CSS to achieve the look of real curtains.

To render the articles, I pulled data from an Excel spreadsheet to populate separate html pages for each article. Writers of the stories would just paste their article into the Excel spreadsheet and the story would show up. This allowed me to build the page without needing to manually update the content myself. Thus, the writers could control when the page would have new content instead of needing my help.

I used basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and HandlebarsJS to build the page.

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